Sunday, September 19, 2010

Newater Reflection

This are 2 of our group`s members reflection about Newater.
I think that the trip to the newater plant is very meaningful, because we,as Singaporeans really need to know more about our country. Singapore is a small country but we use many galons of water per day and the resevoir water will be used up within days so Singapore created this thing called the Newater Plant.

This newater plant is a place where they treat our waste water, water used at our homes are beingsent to that place. The Newater plant have lots of stage for the water to go through before they can be clean water again. There is a total of 5 stages, after the water has gone through all 5 stages , it become a clean water and it can be drank. this newater plant is very good because it can help us make our waste water become drinkable.

At this newater plant, there is a visitor centre and this place is opened up to everyone, even tourist to know more about how this plant workes. there will be a tourguide bringing you around the visitor centre, letting you know the importance of water, the 5 different stages and how it clear the waste away form the waste water. the place i love most is where we can stand on top of the newater. I love that place because it is brghtly lited with colourful lightings, this makes the whole place more lifely. I hope if we have a chance, we can visit there again.

The trip there was very fruitful as we could see how Singapore can actually ''make'' water from technology.Although we still buy water, i feel that Singaporean have to think of our future if other country don't sell us water. That is why i think that they have this NEwater to take care of our drinkable water. It a very useful technology that we are using. We could use our waste water and ''transform'' in to drinkable water. This trip also tell us that ''making''' water isn't that simple as lots of process are needed to have a safe drinkable water. I look forward to more of this kind of learning journeys.

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